Reliable and Competent Financial Partner for your Company


Jabiru Finance AG offers services to all-size corporates, financial institutions and family offices for:

  1. BulletPart-time CFO, suitable to the size and needs of the company (incl. young/start-up companies);

  2. BulletInterim CFO (temporary assignment to fill in a sudden and unexpected vacancy in the CFO area);

  3. BulletFinancial advisor and partner to CEO/CFO/Board members for all strategic and operational financial matters in the management of their company;

  4. BulletIndependant Director (Board Member) for Swiss companies (set-up and development, board, supervision, shareholder representative, management).

Services are provided in German, French or English, both in the French speaking region (Suisse Romande) and in the German speaking area (Zurich - Zug - Basle - Berne). 

Marc Joye is the founder of the company. He holds a Doctorate in Managerial Economics from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Besides academic credentials (in Rochester/USA and Sydney/Australia), he has gathered over 20 years of experience in finance, initially during 14 years in a large Swiss bank (corporate banking, credit risk, risk management, transaction structuring, private banking, compliance), subsequently during 6 years as CFO, first in an asset management group focussing on sustainability investing and second for a privately-held international portfolio of venture capital companies.

Managing Director :  Marc P. Joye  Dr. rer. pol.                                                                                                                                                     
Mobile: +41 78 797 0500, Office: +41 43 534 4866                
Jabiru Finance AG, Tannmattstrasse 39, 8902 Urdorf / ZH (Switzerland)                                                                                                                                  mailto:marc.joye@jabiru.coshapeimage_1_link_0
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